1. Handle

A properly made handle embellishes a door leaf.

For a door to be perfect, it needs a proper handle.

They come in classic as well as cutting-edge design. Designer handles are for more demanding buyers. They are made of high-quality materials and are available in different versions of different suppliers.


2. Lock

We install many types of locks, depending on customer´s needs and wishes. As they (their visible part) come in many colours, they have to be matched to the handle and the door panel.


3. Hinges

We install only top-quality hinges. As they come in different colours, they have to be matched to the door panel.

  • Blum Hinge
  • Simonswerk Concealed Hinge
  • Anuba Hinge
  • Pivota Concealed Hinge
  • Glass Door Hinge
  • Solid Joint Hinge


4. Pull Handles

Pull handles are suitable mostly for sliding and glass door. They come in different colours and shapes.                                                     

  • Pull Handles for Sliding Door
  • Pull Handles for Glass Door


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