Interior Glass Door

There are two options with glass door: either the entire door leaf is made of glass, or it has a wooden frame with an inbuilt glass pane. The type of glass and jamb is optional.

Locking and sealing characteristics of a glass door leaf are similar to those of a wooden door leaf. We use only quality door panels of established brands. A handle or a pull-handle can be built in.


Glass door is the best option if there is not enough light in the place or if you simply want to add some elegance. It allows in more light and brightens the place. Glass adds a touch of elegance to the place, gives it a modern look, preserves its original dimensions, or makes it look even bigger.

One of the recent trends is engraved glass or glass with patterns. It can be shot blasted, etch, smoked, structured, transparent or colour glass. The glass we use must be stroke-proof tempered glass. It can be easily cleaned with glass detergents.


Glass Enamel

Glass Engraving