Security Front Door


  • Multipoint Lock

  • Safety Set with Burglar-Proof Cylinder Insert

  • Wide-Angle Viewer

  • Double Gum Seal

  • Floor Machine

  • Door Stopper


A security front door is custom made and is completely adapted to the building. It has a multipoint lock that simultaneously locks door on multiple places and a safety set with burglar-proof cylinder insert for increased security and reliability.  Usually they come with a wide-angle viewer and a door stopper.

There is a double sealing, on the door leaf as well as on the jamb, to properly pack the opening. The floor machine is deactivated when the door shuts, enabling thus better sealing and insulation.

Front Doors in Different Versions:
  • One-Leaf Door,
  • Two-Leaf Door,
  • Door with Sidelights or Top Light.

The front door surface can be made of veneer, laminate, different modern coatings according to RAL or NCS scale, or they can have insertions of aluminium, glass etc.