Jambs with End Battens

You can choose from different jamb shapes, from cutting-edge to the classic style.

They are made of either a combination of solid wood and MDF plate or of splinter and MDF plate, which allows jamb to be curved (arched). Semi-circular forms are soft and give your door a pleasant look. The width of the end battens is usually between 60 and 80mm, depending on the customer´s needs and wishes. As with leafs, the exterior of jambs is also coated with selected veneer or laminate, or coloured according to the RAL colour scale.


Bombirana izvedba podboja
Dished Jamb
Krilo in podboj utopljena v ravnino stene
Leaf and Jamb Aligned with Wall
Ostrorobna izvedba podboja
Sharp-Edge Jamb
Piramida izvedba brez vidnega spoja
Pyramid Jamb without Visible Junction
Piramida izvedba podboja
Pyramid Jamb
Skriti podboj
Concealed Jamb
Soft  izvedba  podboja brez vidnega spoja
Soft Jamb without Visible Junction
Soft izvedba podboja
Soft Jamb
Trikrat bombirana izvedba podboja
Three Times Dished Jamb
Barok izvedba podboja
Baroque Jamb
Bombirana izvedba podboja brez vidnega spoja
Dished Jamb without Visible Junction

Door Leaf Edges

Door Leaf Surface


A large variety of colour shades can satisfy any taste.

When choosing colour, we try to comply with our client´s wishes as well as consider the size of the place. A wrong colour or wood type can make a small place look even smaller. In any case, the door colour should be matched with the furniture. A mistake which buyers often make, when deciding on how their door should look like, is that they choose a door based on their current needs, without considering possible later alternations.

You can choose a smooth surface, horizontally matched veneer, intarsia style or combine different insertions made of veneer, glass, aluminium, leather, fabric or other materials. The variety of colours as well as tree species is ample.
  • Door Leaf Coated with Optional Type of Veneer
  • Door Leaf Coloured According to the RAL Scale, with Visible or Invisible Wood Structure
  • Door Leaf Coated with Optional Type of Laminate


Door Leaf Structure

Every door leaf is framed with massive edges, which provide firmness, and filled with iverokal, which ensures sound and heat insulation and climate stability. The upper layer is coated with different materials, such as composite, HDF or splinter panel, depending on the door type and customer´s needs.

The door surface is coated with veneer of the selected tree species or laminate, or it is coloured according to the RAL scale.


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